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10 Mistakes That Homeowners Make - Dealing with Contractors - I consider myself to be a reasonable and honest general building contractor and rarely have problems with the people I'm working for, because I'm not out to take advantage of them.

How to Avoid Hiring Bad Contractors - I was talking to someone that I used to work with and they were telling me a story about a contractor that did extremely poor work on one of their friend’s home. I was familiar with some of the contractors in the city that my friend was talking about and I ask him if he knew the contractors name.

Think Twice before Hiring a Contractor with the Biggest Ad in the Yellow Pages - When I first started contracting I was only 25 years old. That's right, I have served my four years as a journeyman carpenter and got my contractors license at an early age. The only problem was, I needed to advertise and the only way to advertise back then, was in the Yellow Pages.

Think Twice before Hiring a Neighborhood Kid to Remove Snow from Your Roof - A lot of people think it's cute to hire a neighborhood kid to take care of their front or back yards. When I was a kid, I would've loved to have had a job taking care of one of my neighbor’s yards and I thought the same thing once I got older.

What Is a Water Damage Specialist? - Whenever someone injures their hand or foot, there's a good chance that they will need to go to a medical specialist. This would be someone who has been trained and understands how to make the necessary repairs and adjustments. A water damage specialist is no different.

Avoid Hiring Licensed Contractors That Don't Know What They're Doing - One of the worst things that could happen to any homeowner or anyone who hires a licensed contractor is to find one that doesn't really know what they're doing. You would think that they would, since the state that they live in, gave them a contractor's license, but this isn't the case all of the time.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Should Be Left to the Professionals - If you don't know anything about fire and water damage restoration, it should be left to someone who does. You're obviously not going to do any medical operations, root canals or nuclear bomb testing, if you don't know what you're doing.

I'm Looking for a Good Contractor, Where Are They - If you're really looking for a good contractor, they're out there. The only problem is how you actually find one of them. I don't know how many times I've looked through the Yellow Pages, used online construction referral services and even asked my friends and family for referrals.

Is It Harder to Quit Smoking Than It Is to Find a Good Remodeling Contractor? - Well I guess it depends on who you're asking the question too. If you've never smoked before, there's a good chance that you wouldn't have any problems, but if you're a smoker, it's a completely different story. Let's start with the home remodeling contractor.

Don't Ever Higher Your Friends - Home Repair Nightmares - When I say don't ever higher your friends, I would like to clarify something first. If you enjoy your friendship with these individuals, you might not ever want to hire them. You could find yourself with more problems than you ever imagined.

Fraudulent Contractor Creates Home Remodeling Nightmare - It wasn't that long ago, when I heard a story about a fraudulent contractor who created a home remodeling nightmare for his customer. When I'm talking about a fraudulent contractor, I would like to point something out here, this person was not a licensed contractor and this was only half of the problem.

How Do I Get a Good Job Done, at Low Prices? - I can't think of too many people that aren't concerned about quality and price. Most of the time the two of these things don't go hand in hand. If you find an inexpensive contractor, there's a good chance that their quality level might not meet your standards.

How Can I Find a Licensed Contractor to Work for $10 an Hour? - The first thing that you're going to need to do is start asking as many people as you know, if they know any licensed contractors who work for $10 an hour. If you find someone who works for $12 an hour, you could always ask them if they would lower their wages and work for $10 an hour and you would have found your contractor.


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