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Be Extremely Careful Using Circular Saws - Most people really don't care about how to tips on power tool safety, but I'm going to tell you a story and see if that makes a difference. About 20 years ago I remembered another carpenter, who was working on the roof, installing fascia board.

How Dangerous Is It to Watch Someone Else Operate a Power Tool Incorrectly? - It's extremely dangerous to watch someone else operate a power tool incorrectly. Let me tell you why, whenever someone else is using a power tool incorrectly and the observer of this event doesn't know that they're using it incorrectly, they will usually operate the tool, the same way.

I'm Never Going to Read My Power Tools Instructions - Maybe You Should Rethink This - If you're the kind of person that purchases a power tool and then runs home, rips it out of the box and starts using it without reading the instructions, you're probably part of the majority.

Nail Gun Safety Four Framing Carpenter Tips - If you're a framing contractor or a carpenter who works in the construction business, there's a good chance that you know someone who has had a nail gun accident. I would like to share a couple of things that I have learned over the years, using pneumatic air powered nail guns, while framing homes.

Be Careful Using Kerosene Heaters - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - I would like to share a story with you, about something that happened about 15 years ago, to someone that I really felt sorry for. This person was a young general contractor and didn't have enough information about using kerosene heaters. So pay attention and we can all learn from his mistakes.

Tool Purchasing Tips and Advice - I often see homeowners at my local home improvement centers and my local lumber yards, examining tools for future projects. I often find myself listening to them talking and asking questions, to the representatives of the stores and often get confused at some of the responses from the home improvement store representative and the person asking the questions about the tools, that they are thinking about purchasing.

What Kind of Jackhammer Do I Use? - If you don't own a jackhammer, I would suggest that you go down to your local rental yard and explain your situation to them. These people are extremely helpful, and most of them have a lot of knowledge, about jackhammers and concrete demolition. But let me help you out, with a few simple tips on jackhammers.

Electric Cement Mixer or Gas Powered Cement Mixer - One of the biggest inconveniences when mixing concrete, is running over an electrical cord, with your wheelbarrow, every time that you go to move a load of concrete that you have just mixed.

How to Use a Cement Mixer - Proper Positioning - Okay, you're thinking about pouring a new sidewalk, on your property somewhere. The location of the sidewalk, makes it difficult for a large concrete truck to get back, to pour the concrete easily. The distance is a little too far to hire a concrete pump, and your only alternative now is to use a cement mixer.


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