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My Stairs Are Squeaking - How Do I Fix Them? - If you live in an old house, squeaking stairs are usually part of the package. If you've lived in an old house long enough, the squeaking stairs are a clear sign that someone's walking up or down them. Nobody gets to sneak up and down the stairway in an old house.

Using Recycled Sidewalks to Build Concrete Stairs And Small Retaining Walls - As recycling becomes a bigger issue in today's society and dump fees continue to rise, anything we can do, to make a difference, we should. Using recycled sidewalks to build concrete stairs is an excellent way for recycling old sidewalks and driveways.

Do-It-Yourself Stair Safety Solutions - Common Sense - A majority of do-it-yourselfers seem to practice common sense and have become extremely skilled at figuring things out. The problem is, some of these things don't work well. I'm here to give the average do-it-yourselfer, some advice about stair safety.

Quit Building Unsafe Stairs - Building Safety Problems - One of the biggest problems with construction today is knowledge. There are hundreds if not thousands of construction workers out there building projects, who really don't have enough education, skill or years of experience behind them. Unsafe stairs create safety problems, along with liability issues.

Building Codes for Stair Handrails and Guardrails - These building codes might not apply in your specific city or county. Make sure that you check with your local building department to verify any of the information below, before actually constructing your stairway hand rail or guardrail.

Basic Stair Building Vocabulary - Here are a couple of useful terms that stair builders use in the construction industry. Keep something in mind here, carpenters who work on the East Coast of the United States, often referrer to certain types of stair building materials or operations with other words.

Dangers Using Wood Stair Cleats - I would imagine most people don't even know what it wood stair cleat is, in construction we have so many words that describe the same thing. A stair cleat is another word for a thread bracket.

Determining the Height of the Stair Landing - Anyone who's interested in stair construction should understand how to determine the height of the stair landing. This is often one of the most confusing and difficult things for most carpenters who work in the construction industry today.

How Many Stair Stringers Do I Use? - I get asked this question a lot, how many stair stringers do I use when building a set of stairs? These questions are actually easy to answer and with a little bit of common sense and the ability to read a tape measure effectively, I should be able to give you a clear explanation that will provide you with the answers that you are looking for.


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