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Keep Flammable Materials In Secure Locations - It seems like the words emergency and panic seem to go hand in hand. Whenever there's an emergency, people often panic and when they do, they can make life threatening choices.

Christmas Tree Home Safety Advice - I don't know if you've ever seen a Christmas tree on fire, but it's one amazing site to see. I was probably 16 years old when I was working on a construction site and a fellow construction worker, brought his old Christmas tree there. I thought it was weird, why would anyone bring a Christmas tree to a job site.

How to Choose a Good Home Damage Emergency Contractor - One of the last people that you're going to want to see at your home during a home damage emergency, is a contractor that you don't get along with. A contractor who is abusive to their clients, charges outrageous prices and really doesn't care about anything you say. You signed the contract and now it's time to get out of their way.

Getting Your Home Ready for Santa Claus - I'm sure that most people around the holiday season aren't interested in getting their home ready for Santa Claus, but they should be interested in getting their home ready for accident prevention. I don't know how you or your children would feel, if Santa Claus accidentally tripped over an electrical cord, on his way from the fireplace to the Christmas tree.

Winter Home Safety Starts with a Little Bit of Education - I live in Southern California where it rarely, if ever snows. I built a cabin in the mountains one time during the winter and that was enough winter education for me, to last a lifetime. I probably know more about winter home safety, then most people that actually live in the snow and would like to give you a few pointers and reminders about home winter safety around your house.

Seven Home Safety Tips - There are some accidents that seem like they can't be avoided. There are some accidents that couldn't be prevented ever, but what about the accidents that can be prevented? Here's a seven home safety tips on how to help your family do the best that they can to, to avoid any home accidents, that can be prevented.

Five Tips on How to Avoid Walking through a Door That Isn't Open - This might sound like something that's impossible, something that wouldn't happen very often or even something that has never happened to you, but it doesn't mean that it hasn't happened to someone else.

Happy Holidays to Everyone - Seven Home Safety Tips -
I don't get the chance very often to wish all of my readers a good holiday cheer. Happy holidays to everyone who reads my articles and actually get something useful out of them.

Shotgun Wall Damage - Home Dangers Dealing with Loaded Firearms - This type of stuff happens every once in awhile, but most of the time, you won't find people walking around their home with a loaded shotgun. Shotguns are extremely dangerous and believe it or not, these firearms can kill people.

Smoke Detector Testing and Home Security System Problems - If you have smoke detectors that are hooked up to a home security system, you should check with them before doing any types of smoke detector testing. The last thing that you're going to want happening to you or your family is the fire department arriving in front of your home, simply because you were testing the smoke detectors and never notified anyone.


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