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Finding a Good Home Buying Checklist - There are so many fees involved when it comes to buying a new home, often homeowners are overwhelmed and don't even know what these fees are for. They simply pay them and hope to get through the ridiculous amount of paperwork that is necessary to acquire at their new house.

Buying a Functional House - Most homes are built so people can function in them effortlessly and with very little thought. The word simplicity comes to mind as I walk through most homes and observe the layout and design of the house.

Is Your Real Estate Agent Is in a Hurry? - If any of these statements sound familiar to you, it could mean that your real estate agent is either in hurry or doesn't have an answer to your question. Either way, this could lead to an unpleasant relationship.

Potential Homebuyer Walks Into a Glass Door - In the real estate business, you wouldn't think that there would be very many accidents, showing houses. It's rare, but every once in a while when a real estate professional isn't paying attention or in a hurry, safety takes a backseat.

Do You Ask Others to Cut Their Sales Commission but Won't Cut Yours? - This is one of those stories that you really don't hear that often. A woman called me up the other day to ask me if I would patch a small hole in her exterior stucco wall. I explained to her that I had a $300 minimum for any home repairs and then she shared this with me.

You Must Read This Story - Water Damage Nightmare -
As a building contractor, I see a lot of stuff and hear a lot of stories. I would like to share something that I heard from my plumbing contractor about one of the worst water damage nightmares in history.

Bathroom Remodel Investment When Selling - When you're planning any bathroom remodel, consider the costs of the bathroom remodeling versus the return on the actual investment. According to one of the popular remodeling magazines, the average bathroom remodel throughout the country cost around $16,000.

Five Excellent Tips to Prepare Your House for the Coming Winter - There is an old saying in the construction business,” You can pay me now or pay me later.” I love to work and make money, but feel sorry for those people who don't take the time to prepare themselves for the coming winters, year after year.

I'm Tired of the Problems in My Old House - Home Repairs - I really can't tell you, how many people I've worked for in the past, who are tired of the problems with their old homes. Most of them purchased these homes, because they love the area or that these homes were simply cheaper than newer ones.

10 Home Emergency Questions You Need to Know About - One of the biggest problems with homeowners today is that they're not prepared for household emergencies like, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, kitchen fires, bathtubs and sinks overflowing, roof leaks while it's raining and last but not least medical emergencies.

Is the Housing Boom about Ready to Bust? - Anyone that knows anything about the construction business can tell you one thing, if they're not building houses, there is a good chance that there’s a building boom coming.


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