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What Makes It Good Remodeling Contractor? - If you really want to know what makes a good remodeling contractor, it's honesty, compassion and experience. It really doesn't get any simpler than that. If you're looking for a good remodeling contractor, make sure that they have all three of these things and your remodeling project shouldn't have too many problems.

Next Time I'm Going to Get Three Estimates - I'm going to tell you a story and I would like you to pay attention to the details. The story involves getting three estimates for the room addition and whole house remodel that someone I knew, was having done to their home.

Easy Stair Building Advice - If you're reading this article, because you're interested in learning how to build stairs easily, I would like to point something out. Building stairs and roofs are probably the most difficult part of building a house. There is no easy way to build stairs, but some stairs are easier to build than others.

Do-It-Yourself Concrete Room Addition Foundation - This information can also be very important to do-it-yourselfers that will be building other projects, for future home improvements. How can a do-it-yourselfer learn to build a concrete room addition foundation. Let's get started.

Room Addition Planning - Contractor Secrets - Homeowners, contractors and even real estate developers have been asking me questions and trying to get me to reveal my contractor secrets for years. I've been working in the construction business for over 30 years and then just starting to reveal some of the things that I have learned about the home building and remodeling business.

Room Addition Books - I was surfing the Internet, the other day and I ran across a website that was selling home building books. It had a very pleasing color scheme and was easy to use. As a website designer myself, I showed this website to a few of my friends, who are interested in home remodeling and repairs. Me and my friends, love to work on our homes and often get together for larger projects, that we can work on together.

How Much Will My Room Addition Really Cost? Does Size Matter? - Your typical room addition, without a bathroom or kitchen, usually runs between a 100 and 150 dollars per square foot. These are average cost and costs can go up greatly, depending on the size and shape of the room addition. Let's get in to some of the details that can affect real room addition costs.

Wall Framing Stud Spacing - Professional Framing Contractor Tips - What I'm about to tell you, even a lot of contractors who have been framing homes for quite some time, might not be familiar with. Most home builders are interested in saving a few dollars, during every single phase of the construction project, but tend to forget, that they can save money, using some of my professional framing contractor tips.


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