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The Best Home Inspection Checklist Should Have These Items - I don't know how many home inspection checklists I've seen over the years, but most of them don't have the really important items on them. I just looked at one the other day that had a place to check off bathrooms. In other words, there was a small box to the left side of the word, bathrooms

Dealing with Home Inspection Repairs - Okay, you've had the dreaded home inspection and now the home inspector is requiring the homeowner, to fix the damage to the house, before it can be sold. Who is going to do the home inspection repairs?

Make Sure That You Inspect Your Walls and Floors Whenever You Have Ceiling Water Damage - I don't know how many homeowners avoid fixing their ceiling water damage, without realizing the effects it has on other parts of the home. If you have a water leak and the ceiling damage is next to a wall, what makes you think that the water isn't running down the inside of the wall also.

New House Framing Inspection Tips For Homeowners -
If you don't know anything about home building or new house framing, I would like to give you a few tips on things to look for. Don't get carried away on your new house wood framing inspection, but it's not a bad idea to have the ability to inspect the house your cell for construction defects.

Home Water Damage Can Be Prevented - If you're not in the remodeling or home repair business, there's a good chance that you rarely get to see any home water damage. These are the people that see it every day, they're working with it week after week and they got a pretty good idea how much it costs to make water damage repairs, so they're not going to let something like this happen to them.

Be Extremely Careful When Walking in Your Attic - For anyone who doesn't have an idea about basic home construction, you could find yourself easily stepping through the ceiling in your attic, if you place your feet in the wrong spot.

Easy in House Electrical Inspection - Damaged Electrical Outlets - The first thing that I would like to point out here, before you do any electrical inspection in yourself, is to avoid touching any of the electrical system. This is going to be an issue ball home inspection and can usually be done in less than an hour, unless your house is huge.

Ridiculous Home Repair Fees - Home Inspections  - It's hard to imagine, but very few people listen to the advice from contractor referral services, the better business bureau or the Department of consumer affairs. It's extremely important to get at least two estimates, but it would be best to get at least three estimates, on any home repairs that you're going to have done to your property.

Inspecting Your Raised Building Foundation - First off, what he is a raised Building foundation? This would be a Building foundation that has a crawl space or access door underneath your wood framed floor. This type of building foundation will usually be at least 12 to 36 inches above the ground.


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