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Home Remodeling Contractor Finds the Perfect Client -
The other day I was talking to another remodeling contractor and they were telling me a story about someone they were working for. I couldn't believe my ears as the contractor continued telling me nothing but good news about this client and what a wonderful time he had working for her.

What Happens to the Remodeling World When New House Construction Stops? - I read a book along time ago about the remodeling business. It stated that there is always going to be a need for home remodeling contractors and that this is an excellent business to be in. One of the things that this book forgot to mention, was what happens to the remodeling world when new house construction stops?

Contractors That Make It through Tough Economic Times - The more that I think about it, the more I remember about the lessons I learned from the construction companies that I used to work for. The contractors that made it through the tough economic times were usually the contractors that really knew how to run and operate a construction company.

Five Rules That Every Home Remodeling Contractor Should Follow - There is plenty of information out there for homeowners about contractors, but there is very little information about homeowners that home remodeling contractors should be aware of. Here are five simple rules that every home remodeling contractor should follow.

Building Contractor's Worst Nightmare - There is nothing worse than a homeowner who doesn't know what they want or what they want the project to actually look like. This has got to be the building contractor's worst nightmare and I would like to send a special message to any contractor who hasn't been through this nightmare before.

Five Reasons Homeowners Get Furious at Contractors - One of the worst things that can happen during any home remodeling project is to create a problem that can't be solved by the homeowner or the contractor. Here are five reasons that homeowners get furious at contractors.

Client Excuses For Contractors and My Solutions - I have heard almost every excuse that you could possibly think of, but every once in a while someone comes up with a new one that I've never heard before and I let them know what I think of them and their excuses.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Can Avoid Homeowner Nightmares - Working in the construction business for more than three decades and dealing with hundreds of clients and thousands of people, has taught me one thing and that's to be selective about who I choose to work for. Don't work for homeowners that are going to create a nightmare for your construction company.


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