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Scam Alert Warning for Contractors Dealing with Unscrupulous Homeowners - Almost every story then I read in the newspaper is about contractors that are scamming the homeowners. This story is going to be something a little different, it's about homeowners that don't think twice about scamming contractors.

The Homeownerís Who Lied to the Contractor And Got Caught - Every once in a while, the contractor wins and this is one of those stories. This actually happened to me while I was working on a job for one of my best clients, cousins. I will never forget this as long as I live.

Remodeling Contractors Advice to Dealing with Foreigners - During one of my many bathroom remodeling adventures, I ran across a family that was from India who had only been in the country for a few years and was interested in remodeling their bathroom. I was the second contractor that they contacted but not the one that they hired.

Inspirational Story That Changed One Home Improvement Contractors Life Forever - I have been writing and sharing my stories with thousands of people, all over the United States and the story that I'm about to tell you, happen to someone that I truly enjoyed working with. This person's life changed forever, because one man chose to share something special with him.

5 Stupid Things Contractors Say When They're Mad - I've been in the construction business for quite some time now and have witnessed plenty of contractors say things that they regret later on, simply because they were upset at someone else. Here's five stupid things contractors say when they're mad.

5 Things Contractors Won't Tell Homeowners- Common Courtesy - One of the biggest problems in business today is communication and if you can't communicate effectively, you're going to have problems doing business. Here's 5 things contractors won't tell homeowners and some of these things usually effect their business.

Big Problems between Contractors and Procrastinators - If you're a building or remodeling contractor and you've never had to deal with a procrastinator before, I suggest that you pay attention to the information on this page. One of the biggest mistakes that I made was working with a procrastinator that couldn't make up his mind and it cost me a fortune.

How to Score Big Points with the Homeowner - Remodeling Contractor Tips - If you're serious about staying in business for a long time and you like working in the remodeling business, I would like to share a couple of things with you that could help you score big points with the homeowner.


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